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Venipuncture CRPS II

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We would like to hear from any CRPS/RSD patient who developed their CRPS/RSD from a "Venipuncture Injury" (needle injury, e.g., blood test, I.V. infiltration).

Venipuncture CRPS II is one of the most severe and painful forms of CRPS/RSD that a patient can develop.

Doctors Hooshmand and Hashmi and I have co-authored the following article: Venipuncture Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type II published in the American Journal of Pain Management in October 2001. This article is a case study of 22 Venipuncture CRPS II patients.

Below is an abstract of the article Venipuncture Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type II.




For those who suffer from Venipuncture CRPS II, please contact me at:  or call me at: 774-501-2808 if you would like me to send you a copy of the full text version of Venipuncture Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type II, please e-mail me your postal mailing address.

If you have questions regarding Venipuncture CRPS II, please feel free to contact me.


Eric M. Phillips



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