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This new section of our website will be dedicated to show you the many different views of how RSD/CRPS can affect the body. Below you will view photos that show many of the different types of symptoms that are associated with RSD/CRPS such as edema, discoloration of the skin, skin ulcers/lesions, and deformities of the extremities and digits. You will also see some before and after treatment photos along with some Thermography photos.



Edema Photos

wpeA.jpg (4986 bytes)



Skin Ulcer/Lesions Photos

wpe10.jpg (9966 bytes)

Skin ulcers after treatment of epidural, regional nerve blocks, and I.V. Mannitol, showed marked improvement of skin ulcers.


Skin Ulcers Caused from Application of Ice

wpe1D.jpg (6729 bytes)

Five years of daily self-applied cryotherapy(application of ice) resulted in the breakdown of skin, cold blisters, and damage to sensory nerves.

wpe1B.jpg (6087 bytes)

Eleven days after discontinuation of cryotherapy, treatment of epidural, regional nerve blocks, and I.V. Mannitol, showed marked improvement of the bulbous lesions.

wpe1C.jpg (7197 bytes)

Bilateral Thermogram shows marked hypothermia due to vasoconstriction in the cryotherapy area.


Skin Lesions Caused from Venipuncture Injury

wpe3.jpg (3914 bytes)

Venipuncture CRPS II, five months after a blood test, resulted in neuroinflammatory bulbous lesions.

wpe5.jpg (3254 bytes)

Lesions became ulcerated.

wpe6.jpg (4399 bytes)

The lesion healed after treatment with I.V. mannitol and I.V. immunoglobulin treatment.



Before and After Treatment Photos

wpe15.jpg (7128 bytes)

RSD of Right Foot Before and After Treatment with Epidural Nerve Blocks



Deformity and Discoloration Photos

wpe1.jpg (6893 bytes)

Onset of RSD 12-7-1985

wpe2.jpg (4673 bytes)

Three years after onset and before surgery 12-7-1988

wpe2.jpg (7020 bytes)

Post-Op Fusion of Great Toe 12-14-1988

wpe17.jpg (3462 bytes)

Five years after onset of RSD 1990

wpe1.jpg (5490 bytes)

Eight years after onset of RSD 1993

wpe7.jpg (6357 bytes)

Seventeen years after onset of RSD. Please note toenail on left great toe. 7-11-2002

wpe8.jpg (5070 bytes)

Seventeen years after onset of RSD. Please note after removal of toenail on left great toe. 7-12-2002

RSD and Infections



Deformity Photos

wpeC.jpg (5938 bytes)

wpeD.jpg (3689 bytes)


wpe19.jpg (6525 bytes)

wpe1D.jpg (7535 bytes)

Deformity was caused by multiple carpal tunnel surgeries. This patient also had the 5th digit (little finger) amputated.



Thermography Photos

wpe18.jpg (8598 bytes)

CRPS of seven years duration due to right hand injury. Two years of unsuccessful operations at right carpal tunnel, and 5 years of immobilization of hand have resulted in "Boxer’s Hand Deformity" and ultimate amputation.


wpe14.jpg (7278 bytes)

Venipuncture RSD/CRPS Damage to the Median Nerve.


wpe9.jpg (22802 bytes)

More than two dozen stellate ganglion blocks to each side have damaged enough sympathetic nerve to cause permanent hyperthermia as the manifestation of virtual sympathectomy. Further blocks have no diagnostic or therapeutic value.


wpe17.jpg (8661 bytes)

Thermography of face and hands after Sympathectomy


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